What is a token

This is the basic element to understand the functioning of Shoppermotion.

A token is a small electronic device with low energy demand that is installed on shopping tools

Since it broadcasts its position in real-time, it allows us to identify how customers move around the store, hence letting us collect complete shopping journeys in a passive and anonymous way. Thanks to this, it does not require any customer interaction and it preserves their privacy at all times. 

Among all of the solutions available to understand shopper behavior, this is probably the most cost-effective one as it does not require large amounts of money or other resources (mainly equipment). Besides, the deployment is very fast.

Technical details

Information taken from our partner kontakt.io

Dimensions and weight
Height27 mm (1.06 in)
Width37 mm (1.46 in)
Depth52 mm (2.05 in)
Weight28 grams (0.99 oz)
MaterialPC + ABS
Flame resistanceSafe – V0 flammability class
Operational temperature-20°C / + 60°C (-4°F / +140°F)
Humidityfrom 0% to 95%