In-store Analytics

Discover the most powerful technology for retailers and brands

Our proprietary mapping technology enables brands and retailers to better understand and capitalize on in-store shopper behavior.

Extract visitors’ behavior analytics without any shopper interaction.

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Real-time insights
Our unique technology tracks every single customer in-store to an accuracy of 1.5m every second without cameras nor smartphones.
Optimal product placement
Directly measure the impact of any campaign in your store: number of views and time customers spend in front of each product.
Efficient staff management
Let us suggest strategic changes in your store: our BigData technology analyses the results in nearby stores to optimize yours.
 “This is the only real alternative we have found so far that accurately displays what our clients are browsing in our stores.”

Customer Relationships Manager  Worldwide Retail Group

 “We now measure the return of investment of every category of the store and optimise our marketing campaigns based on the results .”

Sales Manager  Worldwide Retail Company

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