The Perfect Store

Examine changes in foot traffic, flow patterns, main directions or dwell time over time, both at the store and at the category level

Layout testing

Even though most store layouts are designed to stimulate shopping, store managers do not follow a clear plan to test them. Taking into account the variation in traffic patterns and natural hot spots produced by shoppers, retailers can easily adjust their layouts and reach their goals

Shelf evaluation

Customer satisfaction is essential since it directly affects the performance of businesses. Category Managers enhance customer experience by effectively allocating products throughout the different sections. Besides, actions taken within categories will boost both sales and profitability.

Shopping missions

Understanding the reason why customers are visiting our stores will tell us a lot about who they are and why they behave the way they do. Hence, it is essential to identify the prevailing type of shopping mission in our stores in order to adapt our strategy to the specific needs of our customers as well as to anticipate future in-store demands

Displays' impact

When it comes to launching a promotion, Marketing Managers usually base their decisions on experience and to measure its effectiveness, they merely take into account sales. Since launching a promotion always entails a risk for the company, the decision should be made based on substantiated criteria. By measuring the ROI, the categories’ performance or the inbound and outbound traffic, store managers will be able to identify the perfect spot to place new displays and effectively measure their impact

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