Product Analytics

Understand how products and brands are performing and discover the most relevant areas in-store to reach in order to achieve brands objectives
product insights

Track every product in-store

Keep control on every change of behavior that happens in the stores at shelf level. Pick up any planogram and track the traffic, dwell time or engagement received at any time. Compare results across different channels and benchmark your shopper behavior against competitors

Find out where are you losing shoppers

Analyse the funnel of traffic, passers-by, engagement rate, dwell time and conversion on each planogram. Make sure that every change of behavior is registered for future A/B tests and store updates

conversion funnel
purchase location

Spot where your product really converts

Determine the right place where the conversion happens based on the shopper behavior and measure the return on investment for each secondary display, temporary display and end cap.

Understand the context of each visit

Find out the reason why shoppers visited your products. Taking into account more than 50 variables of each journey, Shoppermotion determines the type and purpose of each visitor

product shopping mission
product competitors share

Compare yourself with other players

Check out how is your products performance compared with your competitors and spot notable changes in their results compared to yours

Each channel behaves differently

Split the product analysis per channel and see if there are significant differences between convenience stores, city format, discounters, supermarkets or hypermarkets at a glance

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