Offline Campaigns

Monitor performance metrics for your in-store promotions, 
digital signage, secondary touchpoints and media ads

Impact of ads in TVs

Compare the performance of each screen by measuring the traffic, engagement, and driven traffic to promoted categories. Have full control of the weekly traffic and missions of customers that engage with each screen

Perception of flyers and coupons

Control the impact of flyers and coupons on shoppers behavior. Compare performance across promotions and formats and find out which promos are raising overall sales in each category


Effectiveness of secondary touchpoints

Each secondary touch point will affect sales in a different way and impact the performance of each category. Thanks to the deep analysis of each one of them, it’s now possible to measure the individual effects in customer flow and behavior

Success of seasonal campaigns

Raise the chance for your brands to stand out and infiltrate the competition to reach a profit. Leverage your storytelling, message and raise the awareness to create loyal customers. Measure each step in the path to purchase and make sure they are profitable


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