produce area of a supermarket with fruits and vegetables

A correlation matrix is a powerful tool for understanding relationships between the categories visited in our stores. In brick-and-mortars, it can be used to identify opportunities for cross-selling products and optimize the location of our secondary touchpoints. The time variable is an important part of the correlation matrix. It can help you to understand how different stops interact over time and to identify trends that may be useful for your store.

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customer flow main aisle

The importance of the Main Aisle to understand the customer behavior

In every store, regardless of its layout, you will most probably cross the traditional main aisle. It is usually located in a way that provides a panoramic sight of the key categories and located in the central area of the store. The main aisle, wide and spacious, improves the overall experience of the shoppers journey, ensuring the search for their favorite products is not only easier but it also allows their shopping cart to maneuver freely throughout the aisle.

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