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ROI and Ad Attribution

Retail Media has become essential in the current advertising environment. Retail Media Networks allow brands and retailers to connect with their customers through the power of data and personalization, customizing their message and impacting customers when they are in the mindset of shopping. There isn’t a better time to promote

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Time in a Correlation Matrix: Utility to Maximize Cross-Selling Practices

A correlation matrix is a powerful tool for understanding relationships between the categories visited in our stores. In brick-and-mortars, it can be used to identify opportunities for cross-selling products and optimize the location of our secondary touchpoints. The time variable is an important part of the correlation matrix. It can help you to understand how different stops interact over time and to identify trends that may be useful for your store.

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Shopper Insights

Top technologies for in-store analytics

Understanding that there is a need for in-store analysis of a shoppers’ behavior is the first step in getting this critical information but next comes the actual acquisition of the needed data. Here there are a few methods to employ, starting low tech-based solution to more sophisticated options.

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