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ROI and Ad Attribution

Understand the lift associated with, and the ROI of, front page ad placement in the flyers, circulars and your marketing activations

ROI of your promos

In general, promotions are very appealing to customers, so rather than analyzing their performance via aggregated sales, a thorough study can be made taking into account their ROI. This information will give insights into their effectiveness and impact.

Conversion funnel

Each customer has different needs, so despite the fact that stores are visited by a high amount of customers, not all of them are attracted to the same products and categories. 

At this point, analytic tools help Category Managers to analyze step by step the traffic received in each section in order to adapt their strategies. Thanks to this, they can identify the percentage of visitors who end up becoming actual buyers of a product

Trading calendar optimization

Analyzing in-store behavior can help identify those trends that take place during promotion periods. Besides, Marketing Managers will be able to measure the effectiveness of the promotions by doing benchmarking with previous campaigns

Visiting frequency

In retail, customer satisfaction is what really drives the business since every action revolves around clients. Hence, a good way to analyze if customers are happy is by identifying the percentage of them who visit stores on a regular basis. 

Thanks to this data it is possible to identify which visitors are returning to the store and which are coming for the first time, together with the trends in the visiting hours

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