Advanced Warehouse Analytics

AoA Super Location is the leading indoor positioning analytics system that provides high accuracy location-based insights for Warehouse Managers using the latest Angle of Arrival technology 

Assets tracking

Today, businesses need to be able to locate warehouse assets with pinpoint accuracy in real time. AoA Super Location provides sub-metre accuracy for your assets, pallets, manufacturing parts and machinery

Forklifts Path Analysis

With our Path Analysis feature, you can easily see which paths are being taken by your forklifts and adjust your routes accordingly identifying and correcting any inefficiencies in your operations

Fast and secure development

Our operations team has reduced the deployment and on-boarding time to a few hours. We just need your antennae location and warehouse layouts to start. Location data is generated following standard SSL protocols

Advanced Reporting tool

Our dashboards provide Warehouse Managers with heatmaps, flowmaps, waiting times and real-time tracking of individual assets out of the box. Reach out our team to include custom analysis and integrations with third party BI tools such as Tableau or Power BI

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