Your customer flow routine in one click. Paperless.

save 4000+ work hours every year

trusted by 68 BLUE BOXES worldwide

3000+ kg. of paper saved annually

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Instant results

View and filter your flows online and export the information you need to present your results to your commercial team. Traffic per PA, usage of shortcuts, counterflow analysis, etc. You name it.

Never miss 4A1K

Make sure your top-selling products are available and receive enough attention and traffic from customers. Count how many customers touch, return or buy the range products during the visit.

Entire range

Collect frequently asked questions (FAQs) and share your results with Com&In easily. Find out the most common problems customers face during their visit to the HFB.

Your customer flows like never before

Fast analysis of PAs, HFBs, Showroom, Markethall and Self-Serve


Latest flows

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No more paper

Coworkers just need a tablet or phone to collect flows in their HFB.

They will learn how to use the tool in less than 5 minutes. Same process, but digital.

Measure your rebuildings

Save your focus groups time and work. Compare your traffic in HFBs, PAs, or medias before and after the change to justify future investments

Create reports to share your results with Com&In and present them in the Commercial Reviews 

Traffic maps
Flow maps

Filter your flows

Filter flows by date, demographics or events to obtain granular details. Display individual flows to highlight particular behaviors

Include demographics

Enrich your flows including when and where the customers stop, touch a product, buy it or ask a coworker

Include their age, group size, or nationality to fully understand their needs and trends

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